Acute Salon cuts through the shaggy overgrowth of gendered salon atmospheres.


The hyper-masculinity of a barber shop or ultra-femininity of a beauty parlor is not a necessary factor in the confidence that a haircut can provide our guests. Hair has no gender, and for many folks, the traditional gender binary of the hair industry is outdated. When it comes down to it, folks just want to feel safe and confident in the chair.

Historically, salons have functioned as ancillary hubs of community and dialogue. We hope to continue that tradition by providing an inclusive space that always feels safe and inviting. It is important to us at Acute Salon that we take an activist role in our shared community by cultivating an environment that is devotedly intolerant of racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, and bigotry.

We hope that you feel comfortable in our chair. 


What are gender-neutral pronouns?

Some people prefer to use gender neutral pronouns. If this isn’t something you’ve been exposed to, it may feel grammatically incorrect at first. However, in English, we already use singular “they” all the time when the gender of a person is unknown. Imagine you see fifty bucks on the ground and pick it up. You might say: “Oh, someone dropped their money here. I’ll set it aside for them, I bet they are looking everywhere!”

— Teen Vogue; originally appearing on Youth Radio

If you have more questions about gender-neutral pronouns, non-binary identity, etc., check out GLAAD’s Media Reference Guide at  glaad.org

Chelsea Bonham

Owner of Acute Salon

Color Specialist

12 years experience

They / Them


Victoria Willeford

Stylist and Makeup Artist

She / Her


Helena Adair

Stylist and Barber

She / Her


Valerie Norris

Cut and Colorist

5 years experience

They / Them


Services offered vary by stylist.


Detailed Short / Pixie
Medium Style / Bob
Shoulder Length and Longer
Extra Long / Style Change
Neck / Beard Trim


Complimentary consultations are required for all new color services.

Fantasy Color Refresher
Root Touch-Up
All Over Color
Bleach Tone Touch-Up
Partial Highlight / Balayage / Double Process
Glaze / Toner Refresh
Fantasy Color/Color Corrections


Specialty Styling / Updo
Blow Out
Extensions – Cold Fusion /
Hot Fusion / Tape Extensions * 


Brazilian Blowout *
Perm *

* Requires a consultation


954 W Rosedale St

Fort Worth, Texas 76104

Business hours are according to each individual stylist’s schedule.


Stylists reserve the right to charge for appointments canceled within less than 24 hours. A deposit may be requested prior to appointment, at the discretion of the stylist.